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Making mono-prints

Pembrey mono working4

Week 2 of our print project began with finding out about mono-printing – a process that makes just one unique print.

Pembrey mono working1

The warm-up involved learning to write backwards. We started with our name and then added another word and a number from 1-10 to represent how we were feeling. Finley felt like he was 13 out of 10 but when we read it the right way round it came out as 31 out of 10!

Pembrey mono working2

Then we worked in pairs to make prints of each other. We began by inking up the perspex sheets with a roller to get them ready for printing.

Pembrey mono working3

The results were…

fantastic, creative, joyful, fun, untidy, different, new, interesting, happy

I wish I could do this at home

I would like to show my dad

I used the print to tell a story

I liked the look of it

the heart represents how good it is to feel loved


Drawing shapes warm-up

Here are the drawings we made by drawing a shape and passing it on…

If you click on any of the small pictures you can see a slideshow of bigger pictures.

The story of the things that are special to us

Today was the second session with Heol Goffa and as a warm-up exercise we picked one item from our bags of things and we drew it without taking the pen off the paper.


We then took it in turns to take photographs of the things that we had brought along that are special to us. We arranged our things on the table and took three pictures choosing different ways of setting them out.


Sometimes it was difficult to make things stand up…


During the break we chose one of our three photos and these were printed.


After the break Guy chose another one of our items for each of us to draw. Then we put acetate on top and made a drawing on top of the first drawing.


We coloured the first drawing with colouring pencils before sticking the layers back together and framing them with a mount.


We finished the session by using the photographs from earlier and choosing some wallpaper to use as a background to show them against.


At the end we were happy, tired and hungry!