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In the last week of the Pembrey Primary School print project, we started by drawing a border and then we drew shapes inside. Before we had a break we each made a collagraph print from the blocks we made last week.

These prints were selected for the exhibition in Llanelly House, which will run from July through to September.

After our break we did more prints and finished our posters.


Making mono-prints

Pembrey mono working4

Week 2 of our print project began with finding out about mono-printing – a process that makes just one unique print.

Pembrey mono working1

The warm-up involved learning to write backwards. We started with our name and then added another word and a number from 1-10 to represent how we were feeling. Finley felt like he was 13 out of 10 but when we read it the right way round it came out as 31 out of 10!

Pembrey mono working2

Then we worked in pairs to make prints of each other. We began by inking up the perspex sheets with a roller to get them ready for printing.

Pembrey mono working3

The results were…

fantastic, creative, joyful, fun, untidy, different, new, interesting, happy

I wish I could do this at home

I would like to show my dad

I used the print to tell a story

I liked the look of it

the heart represents how good it is to feel loved

Pembrey print project

The first session of the Pembrey Primary School Print Project began with a series of drawing exercises.

Pembrey drawing working1

We started with a warm-up exercise, which involved drawing a shape. We passed the paper on and the next person drew a shape inside it and so on…

Pembrey drawing working2

Then we drew pictures of our favourite things. This one is of Llanelly House.

Pembrey drawing working3

The first session finished with making drawings of ourselves in profile.

Pembrey drawing profiles09

We had to look on the side…