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A room of our own

In our final session we created our own imaginary rooms for our models using shoes boxes.

Using wall paper samples to cover the walls of our box-rooms we drew around each side of our box on the back of our chosen wallpaper designs, before cutting them out and sticking them onto our walls with PVA glue.

Once we had wall-papered our rooms we used other shoe boxes and their lids to build and design furniture and decorate our imaginary rooms with carpets, mirrors, windows, posters and control panels!

We were really pleased with our imaginary rooms as spaces for our models and have recorded our descriptions of them.

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Mask Making

Tuesday February 2nd was the first workshop for a group of year 7 students from Ysgol Coedcae School, who will be working with artist Guy Norman over the next three weeks, exploring identity and expression through mask-making.

We began with a warm up exercise, making 3D shapes from a flat piece of paper. We rolled, folded and tore up our pieces of paper, before cutting out a flat paper mask. We added some of the 3D shapes to our masks to express something about our personalities.

Then we took it in turns to make our own 3D masks. Using tissue paper, gum paper tape and water we moulded these masks to fit each others faces.

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Over the next three weeks we will be personalising our own masks with different textures and colours.


Having the mask on my face felt weird – it was all sticky and gluey!

Me in 3D

The cafe in Llanelly House is hosting a wonderful exhibition of work titled Me in 3D which was created by participants from Coleshill during a series of workshops at the centre in May 2015.

P1220237The exhibition was opened by the Mayor and his consort on Monday 1 June and is open to the public from 10am – 4pm throughout June 2015.

Behind the mask

In the afternoon group we made masks out of cardboard and coloured paper.


We made a band of cardboard to fit round our heads. Then we cut out and attached some cardboard using a template and made holes so that we could see when we were wearing our masks.



Then we added pieces of card that we ripped and cut to bring the mask to life. Here are some pictures of us trying our masks on as we were making them.

Here they are all finished and ready for the exhibition. You can see a bigger picture when you click on any of the small photographs.

We really enjoyed making and wearing our masks! A selection will be on show in the cafe at Llanelly house next week along with some of the other 3D work that we made in the project.

Making moving models

In the last week of the project working with artists Toby Downing and Pip Lewis, the morning group constructed models of themselves that can move when you turn a handle. These are called “Automata”.


As we worked on the models we added clothes, hats, walking sticks and even a dog on a lead.


It was quite a complicated process to make all the parts and attach them together so they could move.


There was lots of cutting and then attaching the moving pieces together with a split pin.


It was exciting to turn the handle and see the arm moving for the first time.


The “Automata” can be seen as part of our exhibition in the cafe in Llanelly House next week.


3D heads and things we like

Again, inspired by the trip to Llanelly House last week, the afternoon group from Coleshill created 3D self-portraits, as well as using driftwood to make sculptures.


Inspired by skills we had learned in the taster session, some of used glue guns to stick driftwood together to make things that we like, such as this horse and a ship.

Here are the finished self portraits we made using scrunched-up newspaper and masking tape.

If you click on any of the the small pictures you can see a bigger version.


Putting our heads together ready for the exhibition that will be in Llanelly House in June.


Heads up

Inspired by their visit to Llanelly House the week before the morning group began work on 3D self-portraits using newspaper and masking tape.


The work looked fantastic when it was finished.


Starting by sanding down the wooden bases we then attached a section of pipe to build the model on.

We scrunched up newspaper and attached it to the base using masking tape.

Our self-portraits were finished by adding coloured cardboard packaging and paper before drawing in features.