Old Road

A group of ten students from Old Road School were chosen to take part in the project, which was scheduled over four Tuesday mornings in January and early February 2015.

Me and my town focussed on exploring different aspects of identity and relation to Llanelli town through a series of linked workshops experimenting with a range of arts techniques and processes.


The project began working with drawing, tracing and collage techniques, to create a set of images inspired by photographs of landmark buildings in Llanelli.


The next stage of the project involved working directly on to black and white copies of photographs collected in preparation for the project.

Week three involved a series of exercises connected to maps and mapping, resulting in the creation of a set of collective and individual maps exploring a sense of belonging.


The project came to a conclusion by developing some of the elements and processes that had been explored in earlier sessions to create a further piece of work bringing together the two elements from the project title, Me and my town.

A selection of the work was shown in Llanelly House throughout March 2015.

To read the full story of the project click on Old Road School in the tag cloud.


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