Over 18 months the Big Picture Llanelly House arts project will provide opportunities for around 100 children and young people from 9 schools to explore identity and portraiture inspired by examples in Llanelly House.


Key aims are: to build confidence and self-esteem; break down prejudice; explore identity and develop a sense of people and place.

The first school to complete their project was Maes y Morfa. This project took place over four Mondays during November 2014 and was followed by an exhibition in Llanelly House in January 2015.


Old Road School focussed on mapping their sense of place, whilst Heol Goffa used the medium of photography to explore identity. These projects both took place in the Spring term of 2015.


At the end of each project, work was selected for an exhibition in Llanelly House.


Click on the links above to find out more about each school’s  project.

At the end of the overall project, artworks from each of the schools will be selected, for a much larger exhibition to showcase the range of work created over the year and a half of the project.


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