Patterns Place and Me

On Tuesday 19th of April eight year three/four students from Bigyn Primary School had their first Big Picture workshop exploring patterns, place and ourselves, with Artist Pip Lewis and Project Assistant Hal Lewis-Norman.

As a session warm up, we were each given paper and were asked to draw a pattern of any kind. We then passed the drawing to the next person who then drew another pattern. This continued until the pages were full of patterns and lines. Taking it in turns we then shared our artwork with everyone, discussing the many different types of patterns possible to draw.

We then spent some time exploring Llanelly House with clipboards, trying to capture as many patterns and lines as we could find.


We began in one of the drawing rooms, filled with fine carpets, games boards and grand fire places. We then had a look in one of the master bedrooms, with its large windows, 4 poster bed and artwork! Finally we headed up a tight staircase up towards the servants quarters. Here the light levels were much lower, and it was harder to pick out the patterns and lines we were looking for.

After the break we did a face proportions drawing exercise. This started by drawing the head, making sure that it was an oval shape, not circular.

P1260652 P1260659

We then moved onto drawing the eyes, taking extra care to ensure they were centred. Pip showed us a technique which involved drawing five eyes across the middle of the face then rubbing the middle and outside ones away.  After this we moved onto the nose, mouth, eyebrows and finished with the hair. Some of us added extra features such as our own hairstyles to make the drawings unique to us!


Finally we worked with Hal to take portrait photos in preparation for the next weeks workshop.  Working in pairs, we took it in turns to use the camera to take a photo of each other.


Here are the finished drawings from the face proportions exercise.


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