Then and now


In the first Big Picture session at Hafan-Y-Coed Residential Care home artist Pip Lewis and projects assistant Tangwen Roberts introduced themselves to a group of residents who meet regularly to work on art and craft projects in the home.


As a way of getting to know each other  we started with a warm-up exercise, each choosing a coloured chalk pastel and drawing on an blank piece of paper and passing the paper round and adding a line to respond to the existing marks.

After the warm up exercise the group spent time drawing flowers – some of which were taken out of the jug for closer observartion. During the session a song was started with several of the residents joining in.

Many conversation were struck up during the session, about the residents lives, their memories of Llanelli , their occupations and families. Some of these conversations were recorded and will be added to in the next sessions, when we will be recording more in-depth individual interviews with the residents.

The interviews will start in next weeks session, alongside the taking of individual portrait photographs in the residents’ rooms, for an exhibition in Llanelli House in May.

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