A place of my own

On Tuesday 8th March nine year five/six students from Bynea County Primary School had their first Big Picture workshop exploring identity and home, with Artist Pip Lewis,and Projects Assistant Tangwen Roberts at Llanelly House.

To open the session, we introduced ourselves by making a design with our own name on A4 paper, we started by drawing a border and filling it with shapes/patterns or things we liked and then wrote our names in the centre in whatever style we wanted. The designs looked great coloured in with soft pastels and/or oil pastels. Some of us experimented with the different effects the pastels created.

Taking it in turns we shared our artwork with everyone, and described three special things we liked doing. During the break we each took a photo of our finished artwork.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the break we made 3D paper models of houses. This started by folding the A4 paper in half and then folding the outside edges into the centre. After this we had to use rulers to measure  and fold the paper into thirds – and then Pip showed us where to cut away some of the paper to magically fold into a cube which we stuck together with invisible tape.

We made a sloped roof and added doors and windows in different coloured pieces of card. Some of us added extra features such as a chimney, fence or satellite dishes and even solar panels!


During the week ahead Pip asked us to find a place in our bedrooms to sit and draw what we can see – including the view out of the window if we have one!

Mrs Morgan also said we could take iPads home from school to take photos of different views of our bedroom, which we will be working on in the workshop next week.


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