Emotions and colour

In our third session we explored colour and emotion.

To warm up we played ‘Consequences’ – folding a piece of card into four sections, and taking it in turns to draw the different sections of imaginary bodies.

At the end of the exercise we unfolded the card to reveal the creatures that we had created together, and gave them names:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Moving on we talked about different emotions and how we can show these emotions through our bodies and faces. We practised posing for different emotions before taking photos of each other in these poses.

The emotions we posed for were sad, hurt, shy, cross, strong, happy, brave and lonely.

After our photos we spoke about the different colours that we associate with certain feelings and thought about the colours that might apply to our photos.

We coloured in black and white copies of one of our photos with three colours that we felt represented the emotions we were showing.


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