Drawing from life

Tuesday November 3rd was the first workshop with a group of students from Halfway CP School, who will be working with artist Pip Lewis over the next four weeks on a project exploring life drawing.


We began with a warm-up exercise practising drawing small objects based only upon the information we could get by touch.

We then took it in turns to pose and experimented with a range of different materials to make life drawings of each other.

We experimented drawing from different angles and perspectives, before trying some new materials…


Using charcoal on white paper we found that smudging our lines was a useful way to add texture to the portraits.


Using chalk on black paper was also a chance to experiment with shading and contrast.

Before returning to school we shared our favourite portraits:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I like using white … because it shows a little bit of the colour and texture that we can bring to the world – Cian


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