Monthly Archives: October 2015

Art of illustration

Today was the fourth and last session of the Art of illustration project.

We had to work really hard to complete our designs for printing. Final decisions were made about text and composition.


We also had time to work on our ideas boards to accompany the printed cards in the exhibition.

The session ended with time to reflect on the processes and materials that we have explored.

The things I’ve most enjoyed is coming up with the ‘home sweet home’ idea for my card.

I’m looking forward to seeing my card when it is finished.

I like the style of my picture it’s got into the woods and people and a mixture of things and it shows my love of music.

My design is a keyboard and I’ve made up a word called TAPAL, which means to communicate with your pals, you tap on a keyboard with your pals, so TAPAL!

I like cars and speed.  My favourite thing to use is the paint.

Out of all the media my favourite is the inks.  In my final design I’m using paint and pastels together.

I’ve enjoyed the project. My favourite bit has been painting my drawing.