Putting ourselves in the picture

Putting ourselves in the picture is the third in the series of art projects for the Big Picture: Llanelly House and involves working with a group of pupils from Heol Goffa. This project will explore self portraiture through the medium of photography and will also include elements of collage and drawing. It was inspired by the work of Anna Linch who is an Artist and educator.

We began the first session by finding out about Pip and Guy who are running the project. They had a bag containing things that they like. We took it in turns to take something out of the bag and they told us who had chosen that object and why. We will bring 5 things along to the next session so that they can find out what we like.


Then we took turns to be the photographer and the subject of the photograph. We had a frame and a selection of hats to help us pose. We took three pictures of each person and then chose the one of ourselves that we liked best.


Some of us really enjoyed being photographed and some of us were a bit shy.

After a break we worked on a copy of our chosen picture to create a self portrait by adding colour and collaging pictures and words of things that we like.


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