Me and my town

Me and my town is the second in the series of art projects that will make up the Big Picture: Llanelly House and involves working with a group of pupils from Old Road School

P1210116Launching straight in we began with a warm up, drawing different buildings and places all around the world, without lifting our pencils off the paper.

It was a little bit hard thinking of buildings to draw. We wondered how many buildings there are on earth.

Guy and Pip from spacetocreate told us about the project and how we would record what we are doing on this blog.

P1210140After the break we each made a line drawing from a photograph of a famous building in Llanelli. We used acetates and special pens to make a copy of this drawing and then used our original drawings to make a collage.

P1210139You will have to wait til next week to see the finished artworks as we didn’t have time to complete them!

We ended the session by talking about how we felt about what we had done and these are some of the things we said…proud, happy, good, co-operative, easy and fun!  There was also a shared sense of anticipation and excitement to be coming back next week.


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